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IMF Working Papers

International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
Published Date:
April 2017
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Working Paper 16/237

The Impact of Demographics on Productivity and Inflation in Japan

Niklas J. Westelius, Yihan Liu

Working Paper 16/238

The Impact of Workforce Aging on European Productivity

Shekhar Aiyar, Christian H. Ebeke

Working Paper 16/239

A Tale of Transition: An Empirical Analysis of Economic Inequality in Urban China, 1986–2009

Haiyan Ding, Hui He

Working Paper 16/240

Monetary Policy Credibility and Exchange Rate Pass-Through

Yan Carriere-Swallow, Bertrand Gruss, Nicolas E. Magud, Fabian Valencia

Working Paper 16/241

Output and Inflation Co-Movement: An Update on Business-Cycle Stylized Facts

Michal Andrle, Jan Bruha, Serhat Solmaz

Working Paper 16/242

Automatic Adjustment Mechanisms in Asian Pension Systems?

Elif C. Arbatli, Csaba Feher, Jack J. Ree, Ikuo Saito, Mauricio Soto

Working Paper 16/243

Emerging Market Corporate Leverage and Global Financial Conditions

Adrian Alter, Selim Elekdag

Working Paper 16/244

Inequality and Growth: A Heterogeneous Approach

Francesco Grigoli, Evelio Paredes, Gabriel Di Bella

Working Paper 16/245

The Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks on Inequality

Davide Furceri, Prakash Loungani, Aleksandra Zdzienicka

Working Paper 16/246

Does Gross or Net Debt Matter More for Emerging Market Spreads?

Metodij Hadzi-Vaskov, Luca A. Ricci

Working Paper 16/247

Food Inflation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Causes and Policy Implications

Emre Alper, Niko A. Hobdari, Ali Uppal

Working Paper 16/248

Does Balance Sheet Strength Drive the Investment Cycle? Evidence from Pre- and Post-Crisis Cyprus

Sophia Chen, Yinqiu Lu

Working Paper 16/249

China’s Rising IQ (Innovation Quotient) and Growth: Firm-Level Evidence

Hui He, Nan Li, Jing Fang

Working Paper 16/250

Potential Output Growth Estimates for Central America and the Dominican Republic

Roberto Garcia-Saltos, Fan Zhang, Iulia Ruxandra Teodoru

Working Paper 16/251

Financial Information and Macroeconomic Forecasts

Sophia Chen, Romain Ranciere

Working Paper 16/252

Capital Account Openness in Low-income Developing Countries: Evidence from a New Database

Sarwat Jahan, Daili Wang

Working Paper 16/253

Lost and Found: Market Access and Public Debt Dynamics

Carlo Cottarelli, Andrea Presbitero, Antonio Bassanetti

Working Paper 16/254

Dynamic Fuel Price Pass-Through: Evidence from a New Global Retail Fuel Price Database

Kangni R. Kpodar, Chadi Abdallah

Working Paper 16/255

Strategic Corporate Layoffs

Ruchir Agarwal, Julian Kolev

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