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Published Date:
April 2017
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Women, Work, and Economic Growth: Leveling the Playing Field

edited by Kalpana Kochar, Sonali Jain-Chandra, and Monique Newiak

2017. 347pp. Paperback ISBN 978-1-5135-610-3

A Short Excerpt from the Overview:

“The challenges of promoting growth, creating jobs, and improving women’s participation in the labor force are closely intertwined. Economic growth and stability are necessary to broaden women’s employment opportunities, but at the same time, their participation in the labor market is an important driver of growth and stability. In rapidly aging economies in particular, higher female labor force participation can mitigate the negative impact of a shrinking workforce on potential growth. Greater opportunities for women can also contribute to broader economic development, for instance through higher levels of school enrollment, including for girls, given that women are likely to invest more of their income in educating their children. Implementing policies that remove labor market distortions and level the playing field for all will give women more opportunities to develop their potential and to participate in economic life more fully should they choose to do so.”

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