International Monetary Fund Annual Report 2016


Part 4. Looking Ahead

International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
September 2016
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FY2016 Digital Year in Review

26% Increase in Unique Visitors to

Top 10 Countries for Page Views

  • 1. United States
  • 2. United Kingdom
  • 3. South Korea
  • 4. India
  • 5. Japan
  • 6. Germany
  • 7. France
  • 8. China
  • 9. Canada
  • 10. Mexico

Top Five Countries for Mobile

Key IMF work under way in FY2017 includes a quota review, financial sector assessments, fiscal risk, tax policy, income and gender inequality, climate change, and anti-corruption strategies.

  • Quota Review
  • With the previous review becoming effective in January 2016, the IMF turned its attention to completing the next review, which will include a new quota formula.
  • Fiscal Work
  • IMF papers explain how countries need a more complete understanding of the potential threats to their fiscal position and the effects of various tax policy designs on macroeconomic stability.
  • Climate Change
  • IMF work has focused on the fiscal, macroeconomic, and financial implications of climate change, and on energy pricing.
  • Financial Sector Assessment
  • IMF teams will focus their analysis on systemic risks, interconnectedness, and macroprudential and crisis-management policies.
  • Income and Gender Inequality
  • IMF work analyzes the linkages between income inequality and growth, the impact of fiscal policy, and gender inequality.
  • Anti-Corruption Strategies
  • Priority needs to be given to transparency, the rule of law, and effective institutions.

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