Information about Sub-Saharan Africa África subsahariana
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Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (GPRSP 2012-2017)

International Monetary Fund. African Dept.
Published Date:
May 2013
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Information about Sub-Saharan Africa África subsahariana
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Specific objective (s)Area of interventionAction (s)Stakeholder (s)Policy or StrategyPeriodMonitoring Indicator (s)Budget (in million CFAF)
Preliminary priority: Strengthen the macro-economic framework
Strengthen macroeconomic managementImplement an ongoing monitoring mechanism for reformsPMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Pursue ongoing GPRSP implementationMEFGPRSPAnnual reports on GPRSP implementationPMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Periodically update the macroeconomic framework for the monitoring-evaluation of the 2012-2017 GPRSPDNPDCPM multi-year programme2012-2017Number of reports produced44444424
Total, Preliminary priority(In million CFAF)44444424
Preliminary priority: Strengthen Peace and Security
Ensure peace and security across the countryRecruit personnel: 4 800 Police officers, 3 000 Constables (”gendarmes”), 3 000 Guards, 1 500 Protection officersMEF and MDAC2012-2017 MSIPC Action PlanNumber of agents recruitedPMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Train and retrain personnel and /reskilling (Police, Gendarmerie, Guard and Civic defense)MDAC and other partnersNumber of agents trained; Number of training sessions conducted; Number of training.PMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Restore, build and equip office space (Police, Gendarmerie, Guard and Civil defense)MEF, MDAC and MDSSPANumber of offices restored, built or equipped.PMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Restore, build and equip dwelling units: Police, Gendarmerie, Guard and Civil defense.MEF, MDAC, MDSSPANumber of premises built or rehabilitatedPMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Acquire new peacekeeping and communications equipment, firefighting vehicles, weaponry, and ammunitionMEF, MDAC2012-2017Number of equipment acquired by forcePMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Create and equip new units: delocalization of certain units according to zone importanceMEF, MDAC2012-2017Number of units created and equippedPMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Redeploy forces according to unit importance and threat: Police, Gendarmerie, Guard, Civil defenseMEF, MDAC2012-2017Number of agents transferredPMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Create 4 highway emergency operation centers and 4 fluvial emergency operation centersMET2012-2017Number of highway and fluvial response centers.PMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Organize information campaigns and revive collaboration between civil defense services and fluvial transport services.MET2012-2017Number of information campaigns organized and number of people affectedPMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Create security pointsPMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Participate in road safety weekMET2012-2017Level of participation of forces (quality of services provided) (TO BE REVIEWED)PMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Develop national plans and national disaster relief plansMATCL, MEF, MDAC, MS, MDSSPA, MET2012Availability of PlansPMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Organize disaster management awareness campaigns for civil society, development partners and the private sectorMAECI, MATCL, National Civil Society Council, (CNSC), CCIM, CNPM2012-2017Number of awareness campaigns organizedPMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Establish a mechanism to moralize recruitments within security and civil defense forces.MDAC2013Existence of a moralization mechanism for recruitmentsPMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Define the roles and responsibilities of the different stakeholders involved in security-related activities.All Ministries2013Availability of the studyPMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Create and lead a collaborative framework involving the different stakeholdersPMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Collaboration between the services in charge of managing security forces’ documents in administrative or judicial research and investigations.PMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Establish a mechanism to accompany and support youth security-related initiativesPMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Research and capitalization of accident-related statistical data (Creation and maintenance of a database)MET2012-2017Small registries are availablePMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Introduce/train drivers in First aid (in all the regions including in the district)MET2013-2017Number of drivers who are initiated and are able to intervene effectively; Number of training sessions conductedPMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Preliminary priority totals(In millions of CFAF)PMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Priority #1: Promote growth that is accelerated, sustainable, benefits the poor, and creates jobs and revenue generating activities
Objective #1: Increase agro-sylvo-pastoral production and support the emergence of new agroindustriesRural development: Agro-sylvo-pastoral and aquacultural productionDevelop 12 000 ha of irrigated land per annum, of which 8 000 ha per annum under full supervision (after Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA))DNGR, projects and programmesLaw on Agricultural Orientation (LOA), National Agriculture Investment Plan (PNISA), National Irrigation Development Strategy (SNDI)2012-2017Number of hectares developed39 60039 60039 60039 60039 60040 000238 000
Increase women and youth access to developed lands and agroforestry plotsMA, MPFEFNational gender policy2012-2017Percentage of developed land attributed to women19013055101010405
Develop pastoral areas in the Office du Niger zone as well as in the Tombouctou, Mopti and Sikasso regionsDNPIA, DNGRNational Livestock Development Policy2012-2017Number of hectares developed2 5002 5002 5002 5002 5002 50015 000
Give preference to input subsidies for output that have the greatest impact on employment and balance of payments (rice, maize, wheat, sorghum, millet, black-eyed peas) while taking environmental concerns into accountRice Initiative Unit DNA, Offices, CMDT, economic operatorsNational strategy for the intensification of rice cultivation in Mali, National strategy for agricultural extension2012-2017Rate of area growth, Rate of growth in productivity, Rate of output growth, Number of producers with access to farm inputs39 00041 00042 00044 00046 00048 000260 000
Accumulate a safety stock of 120 000 tons of livestock feedMEP, MEF, MIIC, APCAM, CCIM, CSANational Livestock Policy2012-2017Quantity of livestock feed accumulated3 3603 0003 0003 0003 0003 00018 360
Strengthen the capacities of the Chambers of Agriculture and agricultural Professional BodiesAPCAMLegislature Orientation Plan2010-2015Number of registered FPAs, Family Farms (EAF) and Farming enterprises4884884884884884882 928
Strengthen the organizational capacities of women’s’ professional associations in agro-silvo-pastoral related activitiesMA, MPFEF, MEP, Private operators, micro finances, OSCPNG2012-2017Numbers of training sessions conducted, Number of trained women310175110757575820
Develop fisheries and aquaculture, taking environmental aspects into accountDNP, DNGR, DNACPNSDPA, PNDPA2012-2017Number of aquaculture infrastructures created, Area of fisheries developed2 0001 5001 5005005005006 500
fry productionDNPQuantity of fry produced8008008004002002003 200
Implement a national seed policy in order to support the emergence of seed producer associations and cooperatives, and improve supply of certified seedsDNA, SSN, ASN, ASEMANational Seed Policy2012-2017Standards on production and consumption of certified seeds, Quantity of seeds produced and consumed, Certified seed demand coverage rate, Number of seed cooperatives and associations established120125132138145152812
Produce forage seedsDNPIA, SSN and seed farmersNational Livestock Development Policy2012-2017Number of seed producers installed150150150150150150900
Create a National Artificial Insemination CentreDNPIANational Livestock Development Policy2012-2017Number of milk collection centers created1001 1001001001001001 600
Inseminate 10 000 cattle in periurban milk-shedsPromotional strategy for local milk production2012-2017Number of inseminated cattle
Rural development: Agro-sylvo-pastoral and aquacultural processingEstablish refrigerated warehouses, milk collection centers, modern meat packing plants, and tanneries in production areas in the context of a Public Private partnership, taking Environmental and Social Impact Assessments into accountDNPIA, Economic operators, OPA, DNACPNNational Livestock Development Policy, National Promotional Strategy for local milk production2012-2017Number of centers created and equipped, Number of dairy plants created Number of new or rehabilitated meat packing plants, Number of ESIAs, Number of tannery infrastructures created9 2127 6958 1206 1571578531 426
Develop infrastructures for production, transformation, conservation and commercialization of fishDNPSDPA, PNDPA2012-2017Number and types of infrastructures created2 0002 0002 0002 0002 0002 00012 000
Increase women’s access to modern agro-silvo-pastoral product conservation and transformation technologiesMA, MPFEF, MEP, Private operators, micro finances, OSCPNG2012-2017Number of trained women, Number of groupings equipped39023090707070920
Strengthen structures designated for training, research and supervision of the agricultural sector (IER, ECOFIL, IPR/IFRA, CAA, CAR, CFPE, CFPA, LCV, OMA)MA, MEP, MESRS2012-2017Number of trained agents3003003003003003001 800
Objective #2: Promote the industry, SME-PMI, Commerce, Services and CultureSME-PMIAdopt an SME CharterMIIC, CNPM, REAO, CSPLaw on Private Sector OrientationSME Charter implementedPMPMPMPMPMPM
Create a Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency (SMEDA)2012-2013Created and functional agency5001 5002 0001 5001 0005007 000
Encourage the creation of business incubators in the poles of competitiveness2012-2015Incubators operational in defined zones900110015001500200020009 000
Support the operationalization of a Subcontracting and Partnership Exchange created by the Conseil National du Patronat Malien (National Employers Council of Mali) in partnership with the government and other private sector stakeholdersMIIC, CNPM2012-2017Operational SPX2002002002001001001 000
Strengthen the capacities of the Centre du Secteur Privé (Private Sector Center)MIIC, CSP2012-2013Operational CSP2502502502502502501 500
Encourage the creation of Venture capital firms in view of diversification of SME financingMIIC, CNPM, REAO2012-2013PMPMPMPMPMPM
MinesStrengthen and improve the mining cadastreDNGMMining Policy Letter 19992013-201420263265
Create a 1: 50000 scale map of the Birrimian areas of South and West MaliImplement the Mining Policy Letter 19992013-2019Number of 1: 50000 scale maps produced1 6837278278778274 941
Promote mining occurrencesImplement the Mining Policy Letter2012-2017Number of mineral substance occurrences studied4007208153853853853 090
Build a modern analysis laboratory2012-2014Acceptance report for building to house Analysis Laboratory606801 3602 100
Explore the Gourma Sub-basinAUREPImplement the Mining Policy Letter2013-2017Distance (kilometers) of actual seismic lines; Depth (meters) of stratigraphic wells5782 2732 2735 124
Develop an oil database2013-2015Completion report for building to house oil database7504322871 469
Organize, structure and modernize gold miningCMMImplement the Mining Policy Letter2012-2017Number of joint decisions (DNGM-CT) on the zoning of adopted gold-mining corridors, and number of reports on implementation completion7507507507507507504 500
Organize, Structure et Modernize artisanal exploitation of building materialsImplement the Letter on Mining Policy2012-2017Number of occupancy permits issued and number of reports on the development of perimeter storage sites1 2502 5003 7505 0006 25018 75037 500
Create a training centre for careers in miningImplement the Letter on Mining Policy2013-2017Acceptance protocol for building and available teaching material8001 1001 9003 800
IndustryDevelop the Dialakorobougou industrial zone (200 ha)MIIC, MATCL, MLAFU, MEF, Private sectorMali Industrial Development Policy2012-2014Number of developed and usable hectares of land3 0003 0003 0009 000
Develop the Ségou industrial zone (241 ha)2012-2015Number of developed and usable hectares of land2 6592 6592 6592 65910 636
Develop the Kayes industrial zone (150 ha)2012-2015Number of developed and usable hectares of land2 1882 1882 1882 1888 752
Develop the Sikasso industrial zone (100 ha)2012-2015Number of developed and usable hectares of land1 4631 4631 4631 4635 852
Develop the Mopti industrial zone (300 ha)2012-2015Number of developed and usable hectares of land4 0884 0884 0884 08816 352
Develop the Koutiala industrial zone (100 ha)2012-2017Number of developed and usable hectares of land5008001 0001 0001 0001 0005 300
Develop the Fana industrial zone (90 ha)2012-2017Number of developed and usable hectares of land5001 0001 0001 0001 0005005 000
Develop the Ouéléssébougou industrial zone (40 ha)2012-2015Number of developed and usable hectares of land5005005005002 000
Establish cement plants in N’Gangotéry/Dio, Dandéresso and Hombori2012-2014Established and operational cement plansPMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Establish two (2) new sugar producing estates (SOSUMAR and N-SUKALA)Private sector, MIIC, MA, MEP, MEF, MATCL2012Established and operational sugar producing estates287000287 000
Re-establish the Society des Phosphates de Tilemsi (ex SEPT SA)Private sector, MIIC, MA, MEF2012Society re-established1500015 000
Initiate the deployment phase of the Industrial Restructuring and Upgrading Programme (Phase 2)Private sector, MEF, MATCL, UEMOAIndustrial Development Policy / Programme Document2012-2017Number of restructured or upgraded industries3 7443 6933 6933 6933 6933 69322 209
Implement the Mali Agroprocessing industrial development strategyMIIC, CT, PTF, MEF, MA, MEP, MEA et Private sector2012-2021 Strategies and Actions Plans for agroprocessing sector development2012-2021Number of industrial units created per sector and per area of expertise, Number of jobs created by the sector, Investments1 0892 3882 4751 25010001 3129 514
CraftEnsure continued training of master craftsmen and dual apprenticeship learningMAT/DNA, and MEFP structuresDPNDSA, PRODEFPE2012-2016Number of masters craftsmen and apprentices trained6 3903 6273 7403 8523 965300024 574
Develop and implement an institutional strengthening plan by sector of the Chamber of trade councils and Professional organizationsMAT, and APCMM structuresNational Artisanal Sector Development Policy Document2012-2017Number of elected authorities, leaders and executives trained2052562341501001001 045
Set up infrastructure to support growthMAT/DNA/MSI2012-2017Number of established and operational infrastructures and facilities to support growth1 4751 4901 4901 9501 9501 97510 330
Launch the Mali Artisanal Promotion and Development Programme (PPVA)MAT2013-2017Implementation report3 2771 6531 1658897657 749
Organize and participate in marketing and trade events for artisanal productsMAT, ACPMM2012-2017Number of events organized2502502502502502501 500
Implement a reliable mechanism for collecting statistics on artisanal activitiesMAT/DNA2012-2017Implementation report2252252252252252251 350
TourismIncrease tourism supply by promoting ecotourismMAT, OMATHO, INSAT, MSI, OperatorsTourism Development Strategy (SDT)2012-2017Number of sites and monuments restored or developed; Number of accommodation establishments5 0005 0005 0005 0005 0005 00030 000
Organize and participate in the promotion of Mali as a tourism destinationMAT, OMATHO, OperatorsSDT2012-2017Implementation report4504504504504504502 700
Strengthen the capacities of tourism sector stakeholdersMAT, OMATHOSDT2012-2017Number of personnel trained6156156156156156153 690
Develop a mechanism for collecting statistical information on arrivals by landMAT, OMATHO, INSAT, MSISDT2012-2017Mechanism in place and operational2502502502502502501 500
CultureProvide entire cultural sector with better working conditionsMC, other departments, CT, Private sector and OSCCultural policy of Mali2012-2017Number of jobs created in the cultural sector, Quantity of cultural goods and services exported3 6803 6803 6803 6803 6803 68022 080
Ensure the structural reinforcement of the different cultural industries and the strengthening of their performance3 7933 7933 7933 7933 7933 79322 758
Strengthen the place and role of culture in all areas of sectoral policy4904904904904904902 940
TradeLaunch the Export Promotion Agency (APEX)MIICDeclaration of the Government’s General Policy adopted in 20072012-2017Growth rate of exports3 0003 0003 0003 0003 0003 00018 000
Update and implement recommendations made by the Diagnostic trade integration study (DTIS)UMOCICI Programme, EDIC2012-2016Investigation reports available757575757575450
Adopt and implement the Sectoral policy on trade developmentUMOCICI Programme, EDIC2012-2017Policy document available202020202020120
Protect ConsumersDNCCDesign and implementation of trade policy2012-2017Value of products and poor quality services5007009001 1001 3001 5006 000
Follow staple commodity market trendsRate of increase in prices1 5001 7002 0002 3002 5002 80012 800
Monitor measures and measuring instrumentsNumber of measures and instruments monitored5007009001 1001 3001 5006 000
Monitor trade negotiationsNumber of participations1 5001 7002 0002 3002 5002 80012 800
Draft trade capacity-strengthening projects and programmes and participate in enabling tradeNumber of projects and programmes elaborated1 5001 7002 0002 3002 5002 80012 800
Conduct staple commodity market analysis and forecast for international marketsNumber of analyses and forecasts conducted5007009001 1001 3001 5006 000
Elaborate and implement a communication and training planNumber of communication and training plans5007009001 1001 3001 5006 000
Participate in Service litigation monitoringNumber of litigation cases resolved1 5001 7002 0002 3002 5002 80012 800
Elaborate and implement a computerization programme for the serviceNumber of computerization programmes5007009001 1001 3001 5006 000
Implement Phase 3 of the Retail Traders Support ProjectPACDSupport retail traders2012-2017Number of new formal retail traders in the period2 0002 0001 5001 5001 5001 0009 500
Continue to implement the Enhanced Integrated Framework for trade:UMOCICI Programme, EDIC2012-2017Growth rate of exports and Producer revenue growth rate (increase of revenue per producer)1 5001 7002 0002 0002 0001 80011 000
1- Strengthen trade and production capacities in the sectors (mango, shea, sesame, gum arabic);
2- Facilitate market activities (trade negotiations, World Trade Organization, Economic Partnership Agreement and others);
3- Strengthen the private sector;
4- Strengthen regional integration;
5- Facilitate exchanges.
Objective #3: Facilitate investment and improve access to creditBusiness environmentImplement investment promotion structuresMIIC/APIIndustrial Development Policy and Operational Plan 2010-122012-2017Increased volume of investments2002002002002002001 200
Simplify business creation proceduresAPI/Guichet UniqueRate of reduction in procedures, delays and creation costs150100100100100100650
Strengthen private sector support structuresMIIC/APINumber of support activities performed150150150150150150900
Operationalize the Framework Law on the Private Sector (LOSP)MIIC, all departments, Private sector, Financial institutionsFramework Law on the Private Sector (LOSP)2012-2017LOSP Board of Governors and Permanent Technical Secretariat operational5405104503853405002 725
Implement the Private Sector Support Program (PASP)MIIC, all departments, Private sector, Financial institutions, PTFConventions N°CML 1229 01 02 dated 06 OCT 2009 (State/AFD)2012-2017Program implemented1 9391 9391 9391 9391 939193911 634
MicrofinanceComputerize the Trade and Property Credit Registry (RCCM)MJ (CPS), MIICPRODEJ2012-2013Software and technical support available368368736
Prepare the National Microfinance Development Strategy and Action Plan (SNDMF/PA) 2013-2017CPA/SFD, CCS/SFDSNDMF/PA2012SNDMF/PA 2013-2017 elaborated2121
Elaborate the recovery plan for 6 Decentralized Financial Systems (SFD)CCS/SFD, APIM/Mali, CPA/SFDSNMF/PA2012-2013Number of rehabilited SFDs that are operational404080
Develop an SFD mapCCS/SFD, APIM/Mali, CPA/SFDSNMF/PA2012-2017Amount of geographical data and identifiers available152222225
Enhance SFD Geographic Information Systems (GIS)APIM/SFD; CPA/SFDSNMF/PA2012-2015Number of GIS and SFDs strengthened2211118
Conduct a study on the comprehensive credit-related costs incurred byAPIM/SFDSNMF/PA2012-2013Study report available8412
SFD clients
Objective #4: Extend a network of modern infrastructures throughout the countryCommunicationExpand audiovisual coverage to the entire territory (40 municipalities remaining)ORTMNational Communication For Development Policy2012-2015Geographic and demographic coverage rate5 0005 7272 17312 900
Develop and upgrade regional stations’ infrastructureORTM2012-2017Number of regional stations developed and upgraded2002002002002002001 200
Increase digitizationORTM2012-2017Number of digitized and saved archives2004344344344344342 370
Transition from Analog Terrestrial television broadcasting to DigitalPM, MC, MEF2012-2015Report availablePMPMPMPMPMPM
Strengthen the institutional anchor and coordination mechanisms of the Communication for Development (CPD)MC and other structures involved in CPD implementing2012-2013Number of meetings per annum5555110
Strengthen the capacities of CPD stakeholders, namely professionals, through continued trainingANCD and other structures specialized in CPD training2012-2017Number of training sessions305050504030250
Support the production and dissemination of teaching documents to populations, in particular, rural populationsANCD2012-2017Number of documents and produced and diffused505050505050300
Promote the development of CPD researchANCD, research institutes2014-2017Number of protocols50504030170
Improve the quality and quantity of publications produced by The Malian Press and Publicity Agency (AMAP) and purchase a newspaper pressMC, AMAPSectoral strategy document2012-2016Newspaper press available and operational3002002002002002001 300
Develop regional information and establish regional representatives for Koulikoro, Tombouctou, Gao and the capitals identified in the territorial reformMC, AMAPStrategy document2013-2017Regional representations built and equipped150200200550
Telecommunications and CITsImprove the quality of publications and availability of Internet archives by renewing computer equipment at Essor, the printing press and digital photography equipmentsAMAPStrategy Document2014-2017Computer equipment used for Essor, the Printing press and digital photography have been renewed75757575300
Renovate and upgrade all post officesMPNTPNTIC2012-2014Number of offices connected1 5001 0001 0003 500
Operationalize the Digital Complex2012-2015The Digital Complex has been created3 2923 2923 2923 2923 29216 462
Establish a fiber optic connection between Mopti – Gao, Bamako – Kourémalé and Ségou-Tombouctou2012-2014Connection established between Mopti and Gao12 53312 53312 53337 598
Establish a fiber optic connection between Bamako-Ségou-Mopti2012-2013Connection established between Bamako Ségou and Mopti9 7619 76119 522
Establish a fiber optic connection between Gao-Ansongo-Niger and Gao-Kidal-Algérie2012Connection established between Gao, Niger and Algeria20 21320 213
Establish a fiber optic connection between Mali and Sénégal via Kayes2012-2013Connection established between Mali and Senegal10 00010 00020 000
Established a fiber optic connection between Mali and Burkina2012-2013Connection established between Mali and Burkina10 00010 00020 000
Create the Universal Access Fund2012-2017Number of municipalities (including villages) with access to telecommunication services (phone and internet)2 0002 0002 5002 5003 0003 00015 000
Connect 10 communities to the Internet per yearAGETIC2012-2017Number of connected municipalities4174174174174174172 502
Progressively establish internet connections for schools, IFMs and AcademiesAGETIC2012-2017Number of schools with an internet connection2402402402402402401 440
Road TransportBuild a road between Bandiagara-Bankass- Koro (Wo-Bankass-Koro-Burkina border, 124 km)MET/DNRStrategy Document2012-2013Length of paved roads built13 7115 58019 291
Build a road between Gao-Bourem-Kidal- Algerian border (745 km)2014-216Length of paved roads built52 78052 78052 780158 340
Build a road between Niono and Tombouctou (564,7 km)2012-2013Length of paved roads built79 17379 173158 346
Build a road between Zantiébougou-Kolondiéba (140 km)2013-2014Length of paved roads built12 05012 05024 100
Build a road between Douentza and Tombouctou (200 km)2013-2014Length of paved roads built17 50017 50035 000
Build a road between Konobougou-Barouéli (20 km)2012Length of paved roads built4 7004 700
Build Phase 1 of the highway between Bamako-Ségou (228 km)2012-2013Length of paved roads built73 0144 45477 468
Build a road between Sévaré and Gao (447 km)2012-2014Length of paved roads built38 88638 88638 886116 658
Build a road between Fana-Dioïla (40km)2012Length of paved roads built8 5948 594
Build a road between Macina-Diafarabé-Téninkou (94,3 km)2012-2013Length of paved roads built13 19013 19026 380
Build a road between Kouala and Nara (185km)2013-2015Length of paved roads built3 5004 0003 5003 50014 500
Build a road between Bougouni and Manankoro (125 km)2013-2015Length of paved roads built10 00010 00010 00030 000
Build a road between Banamba and Touba (13,5km)2012Length of paved roads built2 3002 300
Build a road between Kayes-Aourou-Mauritanian border (160km)2013-2014Length of paved roads built21 50021 50043 000
Develop the urban roads in Bamako, Kidal, Koulikoro, Bafoulabé, Ansongo, Ménaka, and Andéraboukane.2012-2014Length of urban roads built5 0005 0005 00015 000
Build 926 km of suburban roads2013-2017Length of suburban roads built24 07624 07624 07624 07624 076120 380
Build 996 km of rural roads2012-2017Length of rural roads built8 3008 3008 3008 3008 3008 30049 800
Build a bridge on the Dégou river Manankoro (45 ml)2014-2015Bridge built6 750675013 500
Build a 4-lane road between Bamako and Koulikoro (40 km), the Kayo bridge at Koulikoro and the road connecting Tien-Gouni-Zantiguila (connecting to the RN 6)2012-2015Length of road in kilometers, Bridge built20 70020 70020 70020 70082 800
Create a rehabilitation programme for 2012-2020, covering 1227 km of road and costing 46 435 million CFAF2012-2020Annual rehabilitation programme created5 1595 1595 1595 1595 1595 15930 954
Implement a programme for the 2012-2024 period to improve 1169 km of roads at a total cost of 310 000 million CFAF2012-2024Annual improvement programme created13 47813 47813 47813 47813 47813 47880 868
Ensure periodical maintenance during 2012-2020, at a total cost of 12 210 million CFAF2012-2020Number of roads maintained through periodic maintenance1 3571 3571 3571 3571 3571 3578 142
Strengthen the capacities of the DNR and implementation agencies2014-2017Number of reinforcement and equipping activities performed50505050200
Standardize road maintenance work and prepare technical specifications specific to road maintenance2012Road maintenance work has been standardized, and number of road maintenance-specific technical specifications have been prepared7070
Develop a master plan for building service and rest areas along transportation corridorsMETStrategy Document2012-2013Master plan available120120
Build service and rest areas along transportation corridorsMETStrategy Document2012-2017Number of service and rest areas built2 0002 0002 0002 0002 0002 00012 000
Improve mobility within Bamako District boundariesMETStrategy Document2013-2017Urban mobility plan available3 0003 0003 0003 0003 00015 000
Develop a master plan for train station development in major Malian citiesMETStrategy Document2013Master plan available200200
Implement a support programme aimed at restoring the passenger and merchandise transport vehicle car parkMETStrategy Document2012-2017New vehicle unit acquired20 00020 00010 00010 00010 00010 00080 000
Implement the Regional Road Transport Facilitation ProgrammeMETStrategy Document2012-2017Travel times reduced2003003003003003001 700
Implement the National Rural Transport StrategyMETStrategy Document2012-2017Strategy implementation stage30 00030 00030 00030 00030 00030 000180 000
Implement the Multisectoral Initiative to improve road safety programmeMETMultisectoral Programme2012-2017Multisectoral programme implementation stage2 5002 5002 5002 5002 5002 50015 000
Implement road safety policyMETPolicy2012-2017Road safety policy at implementation stage2005002 0002 0002 0002 0008 700
Railway TransportationRehabilitate existing railwaysMETStrategy Document2013-2017Length of rehabilitated railway10 00010 00010 00010 00010 00050 000
Build a railway between Kankan-Bamako-Bougouni-Sikasso-Ouangolodougou and a Sikasso-Bobo-Dioulasso rampMET2013-2017Length of railway built60 00060 00060 00060 00060 000300 000
Waterway transportDevelop a Master plan for the development of riverside quays on the Niger and Senegal RiversMETStrategy Document2012Master plan available200200
Build Riverside quays on the Niger and Senegal Rivers2013-2017Number of quays built5 0005 0005 0005 0005 00025 000
Support professionalization of the transportation sector2012-2017Number of registered professional transporters100100100100100100600
Dredge the Niger and Sénégal rivers2013-2017Length of the dredged waterway20 00020 00020 00020 00020 000100 000
Multimodal TransportBuild dry ports at Kayes, Sikasso and GaoMETStrategic Document2014-2017Number of dry ports built10 00010 00010 00030 000
CartographyCreate large scale geographic maps (1: 50000)MET, IGMNational Policy on Geographic Information2012-2017Number of maps created8008008008008008004 800
Acquire permanent GPS stations2012-2017Number of stations purchased2002002002002002001 200
MeteorologyContinue the Artificial Rain ProgrammeMET, DNMNational policy2012-2017Number of operations conducted8008008008008008004 800
Air TransportComplete restoration of Mali Airports (ADM)MET, PAC, MCA, ANAC, ADMAir transport development strategy2012Number of privatized airports596596
Complete implementation of the Airport Expansion Progamme in Bamako and SénouMET, MCA, ANAC, ADM,2012Programme completed18 75018 750
Expand the Kayes airportMET, ANAC2012Airport expansion progress1 3001 300
Build a kérosène Storage facility at Kayes airportMET, ANAC2012-2013Kerosene Storage facility built7001 0001 700
Rehabilitate Gao airportMET, ANAC2012-2014Airport rehabilitation stage7007 0007 00014 700
Mark and fence the restricted airport zones (Gao, Goundam)MET, ANAC2012-2017Length of fence erected4006005005005005003 000
Build an airport at KidalMET, ANAC2013-2017Airport construction progress2505 00010 00010 0005 00030 250
Build an airport at TaoudénitMET, ANAC2014-2018Airport construction progress2 0005 00010 00010 00027 000
Build a terminal building at MoptiMET, ANAC2013Terminal building construction progress3 0003 000
Expand the Timbucktu airportMET, ANAC2015-2017Airport construction progress3 0003 0003 0009 000
Expand the Sikasso airportMET, ANAC2016-2018Airport extension progress7506 0006 750
EnergyEstablish a National Agency for the Development of Renewable EnergiesCNESOLERPEN2013-2017Agency established and operational150150150150150750
In partnership with territorial communities, outfit community infrastructures with 1000 photovoltaic installations (Illumination kits, portable lamps) pumps, refrigerators and 200 solar thermal appliances (water heaters, dryers, cookers) each yearCNESOLEREnR Strategy2012-2017Number of equipment installed6 0006 0006 0006 0006 0006 00036 000
Expand the Balingué Ceplantntral (BID-20 MW)DNE, EDM-SA2012-2013Physical implementation ratio and portion of hydroelectricity in the total power installed7 00010 00017 000
Build a thermal power plant at Albatros, KayesDNE, EDM-SA212-201420 00015 00035 000
Build a power plant at FélouDNE, OMVS, AAT, EDM-SA2010-201471 03439 463110 497
Build a power plant at Taoussa2014-20178 0009 0009 03226 032
Build a powerplant at Djenné2014-20174 8008 00010 0004 00026 800
Build a powerplant at Kénié2013-201525 80025 90030 90082 600
Build a power plant at Markala2013-201410 00017 00027 000
Build a powerplant at Gouina2012-201563 86285 15042 57521 287212 874
Build a powerplant at Sotuba II (double the current capacity)2012-20144 0004 0002 20010 200
Build a power plant at Talon2014-20161 9411 9411 9415 823
Establish a Mali-Guinea interconnection2014-2017Implementation rate40 00040 00040 00018 775138 775
Establish a Mali- Ivory Coast interconnectionDNE, EDM-SAPEN, WAPP (West African Power Pool)2012-201312 0007 00019 000
Establish a Ghana-Burkina Faso-Mali interconnection2014-201730 00030 00030 00013 254103 254
Build the National Control Center (dispatching)DNE, EDM-SA2012-2014Electrical systems yield4 0004 0002 50010 500
Implement the sustainable energy wood management strategy to service urban centers, namely by operationalizing rural wood energy markets and promoting household energy equipmentAMADER, DNEFHousehold Energy Strategy2012-2017Number of operational rural markets monitored1058080808080505
Promote biofuel productionANADEBBiofuel Development Strategy2010-2023Quantity of Barbados nut tree oil, biodiesel and bioethanol produced6508501 5001 7001 9002 1008 700
Develop rural electrification within the frameworks of the PEDASB and SREPAMADER, DNE, EDM-SAPEN2013-2017Rate of rural electrification4 15011 81215 75019 68719 8673 93775 203
Execute the Energy Sector Assistance Project (Projet d’Appui au Secteur de l’Energie- PASE)PASE coordination cell, DNE, EDM-SA, CREEPEN2012-2017Rate of electrification length and density of transmission network21 2799 7437 1997 1997 1997 19959 818
Complete Mali Energy Company restoration (Société Energie du Mali - EDM-SA)MEESectoral Policy Letter on Electricity and Potable WaterTwo new companies createdPMPMPMPMPMPM
Objective #5: Assist job-creation and income-generation activitiesEmploymentStrengthen the National Fund for Youth Employment (Fonds National pour l’Emploi des Jeunes – FNEJ)MEF, MEFP/DFM, APEJYouth Employment Programme (PEJ 2011-2015)2012-2017Amount of resources mobilized2 5653 0363 3873 7664200470021 654
Implement the Young Entrepreneurs Assistance ProgrammeMEFP/APEJNumber of youth involved in the culture of entrepreneurial promotion3264334755255756502 984
Expand minimum wage, high labor intensive work (especially in rural zones, outside of agricultural periods)MEFPNumber of youth trained, hectares of land developed, hectares of forests developed and restored, Length of rural roads developed693777861945103011005 406
Recruit 2000 youth per year into the State Public Service (excluding support staff).MTFP (DNFPP et CNCFP)2012-2017Number of youth recruited into the Public Service (excluding support personnel)3 0633 0633 0633 0633 0633 06318 378
Create a National Observatory for Employment (l’Observatoire National pour l’Emploi – ONE)MEFP/DNE/ ANPERecommendation from the UEMOA Ministerial conference, responsible for employment and professional training2012-2017ONE created and operational5001001001001001001 000
Professional and technical trainingStrengthen the institutional capacity of Professional training organization and managementDNFPNational policy on MEFP action plan development, PRODEFPE2012-2017Number of human resources strengthened, institutional and judicial Framework strengthened5 5885 7695 72517 08217 08217 08268 328
Establish and operationalize national capacity in engineeringDNFPNumber of national engineering structures established, number of training programmes developed1 0511 5561 5634 1694 1694 16916 677
Develop training supply in growth sectorsMEFPNumber of professional training centers rehabilitated and equipped, number of recycled trainers, number of artisanal and agricultural enterprises equipped7 2038 58110 55526 33826 33826 338105 353
Organize training in growth sectorsFAFPA, DNE, ANPENumber of apprenticeship training sessions per apprentice, number of skills or continuous training sessions for apprentices56 20381 878107 688245 768245 768245 768983 073
Facilitate youth and women’s socioeconomic integrationFAFPA, DNE, ANPENumber of equipped youth graduates from centers; Amount of assistance provided to women’s associations4 1454 2204 29512 66012 66012 66050 640
Strengthen communication capacitiesDNFPCommunication strategy developed and implemented, Number of Information and Orientation centers for Professional training established3404453351 1201 1201 1204 480
Priority 1 totals(In millions of CFAF)1 207 0991 026 707953 180998 840895 523787 4505 868 801
Priority #2: Equal access to quality social services
Objective #6: Curb population growth and improve management of migratory phenomenaPopulationSupport the conversion of existing community schools into public schoolsDNP, MEALNPAIPP2012-2017Number of community schools converted and supported3003003003003003001 800
Support public and community school student retention in rural areasNumber of buildt school canteens and dormitories that are operational6006006006006006003 600
Contribute to fertility reductionDNP, MSNumber of high fertility zones identified3003003003003003001 800
Improve women’s access to health services, namely family planning servicesNumber of operational teams offering advanced strategy family planning services1 0001 0001 0001 0001 0001 0006 000
Establish training sessions for the integration of demographic variables in development programmesDNPNumber of structures established606060606060360
Conduct studies and research on demographic issuesDNPNumber of studies retained and ares covered; Research programme document114114114114114114684
Intensify campaigns on information, education, communication and advocacy on demographic issuesDNPCommunication plan document606060606060360
Raise population awareness and knowledge about the effects of climate changeDNPNumber of sessions organized252525252525150
Strengthen functional alphabetization in women, illiterate girls and girls who have dropped out in zones outside the coverage areaMEALN, DNP2012-2017Number of literate women and girls6006006006006006003 600
Create a demographic atlas based on the definitive results from the 4th General Population and Housing Census (RGPH)DNP, INSTAT2012Information available130130
MigrationImprove the knowledge of the population and partners on migrationMMEIA, CIGEM, University (FLASH)PNM2012-2014Number of studies and research conducted, number of partners involved, availability of an operational database on migration3505208201201201202 050
Recognize the capacities of the Malian DiasporaMMEIAAmount of transfers made by migrants, number of enterprises and jobs created, number of experts mobilized within the framework of skills transfer3003003003003003001 800
Foster the socioeconomic reinsertion of returning migrantsCIGEM, ANPE, APEJ, OSCNumber of trained, equipped and reinserted returning migrants8008008008008008004 800
Objective #7: Correct gender disparities in all domainsGender inequalityApply the Responsive Planning and Budgeting Strategy (PBSG) across all sectorsMEF, MPFEFLaw on Finances2012-2014Number of sectoral responsive budgets155105501509540595
Optimize The Support Fund for the Autonomy of Women and the furtherance of child developmentMPFEFPNG2012-2017Rate of mobilization of the Fund, Number of programmes concerning children initiated5007501 0001 0001 0001 0005 250
Reduce the prevalence of violence against women and girls, and provide them with a supportive environmentMPFEF, MJ, OSCRate of violence prevalence, Rate of practice of female circumcision, Number of signed local conventions, Number of women supported per type of violence1 9701 2059569569569566 999
Increase involvement of women and girls in the management of waterpoints and sanitation servicesMPFEF, MEE, MEAPercentage of women in waterpoint management comittees, Number of women in charge of sanitation economic interest groupings230110752009080785
Increase women’s access to Multi function Platforms (PTFM)MEE, MEA, MPFEFNumber of PTFMs installed and operational5534634334334334332 748
Implement the PNG communication planMPFEFAmount of support available per level, Level of target group knowledge, number of Information-Education-Communication sessions created to reduce sociocultural importance150150150150150150900
Increase men and women’s access to effective care and information services, and provide disadvantaged peoples (namely women) with legal and judicial assistanceMJ, MPFEFNumber of care services created, strengthened and operational; Number of disadvantaged women who benefited from legal and judicial assistance19012763636363569
Objective #8: Reduce social inequalitiesSocial development and solidarity economySupport the National Strategy for Expansion of Health Coverage by health mutualsMDSSPA/ DNPSES, MEFNational Strategy for Expansion of Health Coverage by health mutuals2012-2016Percentage of population covered by health mutuals1 2054 6946 91086008600860038 609
Establish a social protection system for the rural populationsDNPES, MDSSPA, MEFPANEPS2012-2014Percentage of population covered by social protection system35031050505050860
Establish a public cash transfer programme to help the neediest householdsDNPSES, MDSSPA, MEF, MIIC2012-2015Percentage of poorest households covered by the programme2 8882 8882 8882 8862 8862 88617 322
Ensure that civil society, public servants, employees, workers in the agricultural, informal, industrial and artisanal sectors, have access to social securityMDSSPA/DNPSES/I SS, MEF2012-2015Rate of population access14014014080500
Provide poorest communities with technical and organizational skills in the administration and resource management (AGR) fieldDNPSES, MEF MDSSPA2012-2015Number of organizations that benefited from technical and financial support505050505050300
Strengthen the programmes to Promote the Social and Solidarity Economies of MaliMDSSPA/DNPSESESS Policy2012-2017Contributions to GDP by firms in the social and solidarity economy2 3202 3201 3201 3001 0201 0009 280
Improve the benefits offered to the populations by social security institutionsMDSSPA/DNPSES/CMSS/INPS/CANAM/ANAMPercentage of population covered by Social Security Institutions (ISS)895111831212121 125
Strengthen the Community Based Rehabilitation Programme (PNRBC) by establishing 800 basic committees in all regions and provide 300 handicapped people with orthopedic devicesMDSSPA/DNDSStrategy2012-2017Number of operational Community - Based Rehabilitations909090909090540
Elaborate, validate and implement a national action plan to reduce the number of beggars by 80%Policy2012-2017Existence of a validated plan, evaluation report available, reduction percentage of number of beggars2502222222222360
Strengthen the Elderly people’s programme by providing social and medical support to 5000 elderly peopleStrategy2012-2017Availability of evaluation report for previous programme, assistance provided to elderly persons601010101010110
Provide handicapped people with orthopedic devicesStrategy2012-2017Percentage of orthopedic devices needs met88888848
Strengthen the Urban Social Development ProgrammeStrategy2012-2017Number of projects initiated and income generating activities financed303030303030180
Validate and implement the Social Mobilization PolicyPolicy2012-2017Policy Document available, number of Behavior Change Communications done10101010101060
Conduct a national census of handicapped personsMDSSPA/DNDS/OD HD, INSTAT2012Number of known handicapped persons100100
Support the enrolment and education of 10 000 handicapped childrenMDSSPA/DNDSStrategy2012-2016Number of enrolled handicapped children4444420
Assist with the funding of 250 individual and collective self-employment initiatives for handicapped personsMDSSPA/DNDSStrategyNumber of assistance requests received, number of projects financed848484848484504
Increase the support given to the seriously ill (cancer patients, diabetics…)MDSSPA/DNDSStrategy2012-2017Number of seriously ill patients assisted202020202020120
Increase support for the socioeconomic reintegration of women suffering from obstetric fistulas and PLWHIVMDSSPA/DNDS/AF AS/AMASStrategy2012-2017Number of reintegrated women suffering from obstetric fistulas, number of reintegrated PLWHIV16161616161696
Organize a consultation on vulnerability reduction with regional stakeholdersMDSSPA/DNDSStrategy2013Number of consultations organized100100
Reread Decree 44 on social assistance in MaliMDSSPA/DNDSPolicy2014Existence of the decree2020
Child protectionContribute to the improvement of the quality of life, the state of health of mother and child (water, sanitation, hygiene and environment)MPFEF, MAT, MLAFU, MATCLPNPPE2012-2017Number of trained persons/families, number of modules produced, percentage of counselors made aware282428242828160
Protect children from all types of violence, abuse, exploitation and negligence, such as food taboos, early marriage, circumcision, child trafficking and beggingMPFEF, MJ, MS, MDSSPAStrengthening rate of stakeholders and structures, number of victims identified, rate of support provided to victims4325674523671 1771 1774 172
Increase private firm involvement in financing activities promoting child protectionMPFEF, MIIC, Consular chambersNumber of firms hired, number of initiated and implemented programmes819666665151411
Increase awareness of children’s rights and duties to ensure their effectivenessMPFEF,Communication plan available, number of sessions organized9518060309595555
Promote child participation, as well as civic, moral and citizen educationMPFEFCartography of available structures promoting child participation, number of trained children and families208137125923453451 252
Promote leisure and sociocultural activities for childrenMPFEF, MC, MJSNumber of created structures, number of leisure activities initiated5206452051061021021 680
Operationalze the National Family CouncilMPFEF, MDSSPA, OSCNumber of statuary sessions organized, number of advice given by the NFC14610671755858514
Strengthen justice system for minorsMPFEF, MJ, OSCNumber of personnel trained, number of equipped jurisdictions1951951951951951951 170
Objective #9: Improved availability and quality of education, by developing the access to knowledge and competencesPrimary and secondary school teachingWithin the classroom construction programme, develop 200 classrooms in existing schools to cater to special education children’s needsMEALNPISE2012-2017Number of classrooms developed3003003003003003001 800
Support alphabetizationNumber of alphabetized persons4 1244 8405 5466 2466 3296 36433 449
Recruit enough primary and secondary school teachers, by favoring the employment of female teachersNumber of teachers per level and per sex79 06196 198111 094121 845132 526147 542688 266
Increase the reception capacities of Teacher Training Institutes and secondary schoolsNumber of restored schools per type, number of schools built and equipped per type8008008008008008004 800
Build 2800 classrooms per year in middle and high schools, using a map of schools to target under-covered areasPercentage of classrooms built per year29 64731 95734 45537 16230 84533 260197 326
Build and equip secondary schools (general education high schools, technical education high schools, vocational education schools), using the CT Master Plan to target under-covered zonesNumber of schools built and equipped per type4 8914 9334 9755 0165 0575 09729 970
Improve school canteens policiesPercentage of primary schools with canteens1 9832 1222 2702 4292 5992 78114 185
Develop Sciences and Technical learning by introducing ICTs in high schools and encourage enrolment of girls in scientific disciplinesPercentage of schools benefitting from ICTs, percentage of girls in scientific streams29 7069 9429 9429 9429 9429 94279 418
Diversify education streams and disciplines in general, technical, and vocational education high schoolsNumber of new streams created676767676767402
Convert 20% of community schools into communal schools each yearPercentage of converted community streams5995995995995995993 593
Provide Fundamental 1 with textbooksNumber of textbooks/student10 83620 46823 74925 68227 73930 957139 430
Provide Fundamental 2 with textbooksNumber of textbooks/student3 3875 9436 8617 9078 8489 89742 841
Provide textbooks for general education high schoolsNumber of textbooks/student1 0801 2411 4171 6111 7771 9559 081
Draft, test and conduct the monitoring/evaluation of primary and secondary school curriculaNumber of programmes developed7867867867867867864 716
Implement the accelerated schooling strategy in view of reintegration into the school curriculumNumber of recently literate and illiterate youths assisted2663995326657989313 591
Higher education and scientific researchOperationnalize the 4 universities in BamakoMESRS2012-2017Number of operational universities4 6574 8885 1025 3575 6846 07531 763
Operationnalize the Université de Ségou and create universities in other regionsNumber of operational streams, number of universities created4 6574 8885 1025 3575 6846 07531 763
Improve the use of ICTs in universities and ‘grandes écoles’Percentage of universities and schools using ICTs1 0001 0001 0001 0001 0001 0006 000
Develop distance learning, in partnership with foreign institutionsNumber of networks established with foreign institutions505050505050300
Promote technological research and innovation through a competitive fundNumber of publications8288478668859059245 255
Youth and sportImplement the National Youth Promotion Programme (PNPJ)MJS, CNJ-MaliGeneral Assembly on Youth and Employment2012-2017PNPJ implementation rate2502502502502502501 500
Implement the National Council for the Promotion of Volunteering (CNPV)MJS, OSCPNPJ PDCJ2012-2017Number of volunteers deployed, number of welcome structures listed4004004004004004002 400
Develop projects favoring youth development (Maisons des Jeunes, Youth Centers, National Camps, Sport infrastructures)MJS, MATCL, MLAFUPNPJ, PDCJ2012-2017Number of operational and built Maisons des Jeunes, Number of restored centers, Number of built and operational Youth Centers, Number of sports infrastructures3 0003 0003 0003 0003 0003 00018 000
Relaunch the National Youth Service (SNJ)MJS, MDAC, MSIPCPCDJ2012-2017Number of mobilized elements9179179179179179175 502
Objective #10: Reduce food insecurities and malnutritionFood securityStrengthen the capacities of the Food Security Commission (CSA) and its regional, local and communal committeesCSASNSA2012-2017Implementation rate of CNSA recommendations3 0511 4091 4861 6039148979 360
Raise the national food stock to 100000 tons of cereal, via the National Security Stock (SNS) and the State Intervention Stock (SIE)CSA, OPAMLevel of SNS stocks (except in year 2012, where the expected figure includes the SIE and SNS)12000200020002 0002000200020 000
Strengthen short-term food crisis prevention and management capacitiesCSA, PRMC, OMAPercentage of population without food security7 3437975799079257970797047 173
Implement the National Food Security Programme (PNSA)CSA, Other departmentsImplementation reports21 675108 374173 399108 37421 67521 675455 172
Implement the 166 initiative for accelerating the MDGsCSA, Other departmentsPD-OMD2012-2017Implementation reports41 4335359764774797999657996579432 761
NutritionMonitor child growth and development and management of acute malnutritionMSPNDN2012-2017Acute malnutrition rate (percentage) in children under the age of 5, rate of low birth rate (percentage) in children Under the age of 5, rate of chronic malnutrition (percentage) in children under the age of 5, rate of anemia in children under the age of 51 6502 4003 5004 2004 8005 40021 950
Promote appropriate infant and young child feeding practices (Purchasing ready for consumption foods and micronutrient complements, etc)MSAnemia rates (percentage) in women of childbearing age4507501 0501 3501 6501 9507 200
Combat micronutrient deficiencies (by providing vitamin A, distributing anti-parasitics, fortifying food, adopting laws)MSCoverage rate for vitamin A supply to children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years9009009009009009005 400
Strengthen school nutrition initiativesMS, MEALN, MESRSRate (percentage) of exclusive maternal breastfeeding for children below the age of 6 months, statistics on consumption and food diversity with women of childbearing age and with children Under the age of 5 years old3003604204805406002 700
Promote small-scale familial food production and social transfersMS, MA, MEP, MDSSPA, CSA6009001 2001 5001 5001 5007 200
Systematically integrate nutrition-related objectives into policies and development and social protection programmesMS, MATCL, MC303015151530135
Promote nutrition communication for developmentMS, MC6006607207808409004 500
Prepare for and respond to emergency situationsMS, CSA303030303030180
Organize training sessions for nutrition specialists and conduct nutrition-related researchMS, MESRS450600750900100010004 700
Strengthen community participation in favor of nutritionMS, MDSSPA, MATCL6006607207808409004 500
Contribute to food safety promotionMS150150150150150150900
Establish an information system for nutritionMS, MA450600750900100010004 700
Objective #11: Provide quality health services to allHealthImprove access to health services on the basis of an updated health services mapMSStrategy2012-2017Percentage of the population with access to Minimum Activity Packages (PMA) in a radius of 5km, usage rate of health services7 00010 0007 0006 0005 0005 00040 000
Support the implementation of Essential Community Care (SEC) in all regionsEssential care strategyNumber of operational Community Health Workers (ASC) planned per region6 70013 70014 80013 70013 70012 70075 300
Strengthen pharmaceutical system governance, in view of improving the performance of key services responsible for implementing national pharmaceutical policyPolicy and strategiesAvailability rate of medication baskets, average prescription cost16 00016 00016 00016 00016 00016 00096 000
Strengthen control of the development and management of human resources to improve equity and personnel performancePolicy and strategiesRatio of medical personnel per capita, number of medical facilities with minimum amount of personnel per capita required for Community Health Centers (CSCOM) and Reference Health Centers (CSREF)7 00010 00015 00015 00020 00025 00092 000
Develop a global approach to improving the quality of servicesStrategiesRate of prenatal consultations (CPN4), rate of skilled deliveries/qualified personnel, number of structures with an operational reference/ evacuation system10 00010 00010 00010 00010 00010 00060 000
Develop an efficient management and maintenance of sanitary equipmentPolicy2013-2017Number of maintenance contracts signed with Public Hospital Establishments (EPH) and with the Directors of Finance and Materials (DFM)6 0005 0004 0003 0002 00020 000
Strengthen Hospital and assimilated Establishments’ presence in the health system, to increase their effectiveness and profitabilityPolicy and strategiesRate of ill persons referred/evacuated, intra hospital mortality rate20 00020 00020 00020 00020 000100 000
Consolidate the achievements of Institutional reinforcement, of decentralization in the sectorMS, MPFEF, MDSSPA2013-2017Number of districts with a Five year Health and Social Development Programme, rate of EPHs and similar establishment with an updated Establishment Project40 00042 00043 00045 00045 000215 000
Combat HIV/AIDSPromote the use of condomsPublic and private health services, HCNLS, OSCNational strategic plan/programme against AIDS2012-2017Percentage of women and men, between the ages of 15 and 49, that have had sexual intercourse with more than one partner within the last 12 months and declare having used a condom with their last sexual partner9061 1521 4201 7132 0322 3799 602
Promote voluntary testingPercentage of women and men, between the ages of 15 and 49, that have been tested for HIV within the last 12 months and know their results; percentage of persons in high-risk populations who have been tested for HIV and know their results9351 1521 3891 6461 9262 2299 277
Reduce the risk of mother-to-child transmissionMinistére de la Santé (Department of Health), HCNLS, OSC (ARCAD, REMAP)Percentage of pregnant seropositive women who received antiretroviral medication to reduce the risk of mother-to-child transmission5596607708901 0211 1615 061
Strengthen assistance and expand access to health services and treatment for PLWHIV and improve access to care and ARV treatment for childrenPercentage of adults with an advanced HIV infection who are receiving antiretroviral combination therapy; percentage of children with an advanced HIV infection who are receiving antiretroviral combination therapy2 3562 8733 2473 7194 2004 62521 020
Provide care to affected and/or infected childrenPercentage of orphans and vulnerable children aged 0-17 living in households where a free basic external support package has been received1952052152262372491 327
Objective #12: Sustain quality of urban, rural and natural environmentsLand and urban developmentHarmonize sectoral policies, namely those related to the decentralization and devolution of public management, with legislation governing land and land titlesMLAFUNational land and land-use policy (PNDF), CDF2012-2014New Land and Land-Use Code and implementation texts updated200250120570
Support the decentralization and deconcentration of public management2012-2017Number of territorial jurisdictions with an operational land register3 5253 5253 5103 5103 435343520 940
Develop structures and implement effective tools for managing land and land-use2012-2014National Land and Habitat Observatory operational7 0507 0507 05021 150
Provide sound land and land title management2012-2017Number of external and internal monitoring and follow-up excursions conducted3503703953953952452 150
Improve land and land-use resources through sustainable and sufficient property taxation based on the land registerPNDF, Tax code, CDF2013-2017Legislative texts on property tax have been revised12222220
Create affordable social housing for low income populationsMLAFU/OMHNational housing policy2012-2017Number of social housing dwellings created8 0008 0008 0008 0008 0008 00048 000
WaterImprove equitable and sustainable access to drinking waterMEE/DNHNational policy on access to drinking water (Politique Nationale d’accès a l’Eau Potable)2012-2017National rate of access, Number of Equivalents of Water Points (EPEMs) put into service, number of restored EPEMs32 24233 36238 43038 78039 13039 480221 424
Improve awareness about and management of water resourcesNumber of hydreogeological units monitored, annual reeducation rate of the number of litigations between consumers2 9501 3556881 0381 3881 7389 157
Improve access to water for other uses (rural development, transport)Number of dams built on secondary Stream per year 30/12/2011; Quantity of merchandise (ton/km) transported through the COMANAV campaign; number of additional navigation-friendly days on the Koulikoro- Mopti, and Mopti-Gao6 31310 1259 86810 21810 56810 91858 010
SanitationImprove the scope of sanitation workMEA/DNACPNPNA2012-2017Number of sanitation Works completed11131515151685
Attenuate nuisances linked to attitudesNumber of demonstration session, number of television programmes created22222212
Environment and Natural Resources ManagementEstablish waste and recycling plants in each regional capitalMEA/DNACPNPNA2012-2017Number of plants established1 0001 0001 0001 2001 2001 2006 600
Recover 204 000 ha in 113 forests, namely through an Employment Intensive Investment Programme (HIMO)MEA/DNEF, MEE/AMADER, MATCL, CTPNF, SNR2012-2017Total reforestation area (in ha)10 18910 86811 54712 22712 90611 54769 284
Recover land that has deterioratedMEA/DNEFPFN2012-2017Total areas restored8187457456459959454 893
Develop and implement the programmes to develop and manage the national forest massif (Apply Law n°10-28 dated 12/07/210)MEA/DNEF, MEE/AMADERPNF2012-2017Number of development and management programmes (PAG)1 5901 2471 8851 7071 3121 3279 068
Ensure the conservation of 13 Protected Areas and of the inhabitants they shelter (hippopotamus’…)MEA/DNEF, MEE/AMADER, MATCL, CT, Private sectorPNF, SNAP, PNZHU2012-2017Number of management programmes implemented2 1901 6901 6901 6901 6901 69010 640
Strengthen bush fire-fighting capacitiesMEA/DNEF, MSPIC/DGPCPNF, SN2013-2017Reduction rate of end-of-season fires−-1 6757205232502503 418
Assist the commercialization of Non-Wood Forest Products (PFNL)MEA/DNEF, MPFEFPNF2012-2017Number of Professional organizations assisted502002003003001251 175
Support the operationnalisation of the Forestry Information System (SIFOR)MEA/DNEFPNF2012-2017Number of data types available1503263252502501501 451
Implement the Strategic Investment Framework/ Sustainable Land Management (CSI-GDT) ProgrammeAEDD/MEAStrategic Investment Framework/ Sustainable Land Management (CSI-GDT) Programme2012-2017Number of farmers/land-users with equipment for GDT, Rate of area increase following GDT (in ha), number of farmers/land users receiving GDT services, Rate of area increase following GDT (in ha)1 2212 4413 0523 6621 8311 83114 038
Priority 2 totals(In millions of CFAF)423 116614 673726 682689 475637 120664 6363 755 703
Priority #3: Consolidate governance and structural reforms
Improve the legal and judicial frameworkJusticeBuild infrastructures in accordance with the new judicial mapMin. justice (DFM)PO PRODEJ2012-20145 5294 6201 56611 715
Reread and ensure the popularization of legislative and regulatory texts, bearing national and international contexts in mindMin. justice (DNAJS, DNAJ)2012-20136673471 014
Develop and implement a programme to strengthen transparency and governance in the judicial area (PREGOT)MJ (DNAJ, DNAJS, ISJ, CPS)2012-2017255075100100100450
Computerize the national criminal registryMJ (DNAJS, CPS)2012-2013338338676
Implant a computerized management system to manage the judicial file registry and judicial statistics (Système informatisé de Gestion du Registre des dossiers judiciaires et Statistiques Judiciaires, SIG-RDJ-SJ) in all jurisdictionsMJ (CPS)2012-2016189189189189189945
Provide training to and raise the legal family’s awareness of matters relating to economic offences, terrorism and cybercriminality, rapid proceedings, human rights and conductMJ (CPS, INFJ, DNAJ, DNAJS, DNAPES, PDH),2012-20172932932932932932931 758
Establish and operationalize legal aid offices in all jurisdictionsMJ (DNAJ, DNAJS, CPS)2012-2017696969696969414
Provide training to and raise the legal family’s awareness of environmental governanceMin. justice DNEF/IPE, CSLP, AEDD, CDI, CPS justice (INFJ), MEAPNPE2012-20143838985
Objective #13: Continue to modernize governmentStructural reformsImplement the United Nations Resolution 1325MPFEF MSIPC OSCPNG2012-2014Monitoring report9010082807050472
Implement the national policy on results-based management, namely by furthering the contractualization of performanceCDIPNGAR2013-2017Monitoring report1 2974031 0571 513254 295
Institutional DevelopmentInstitutionalize gender equality in political reforms, institutions and systems in priority sectors of developmentMPFEF, Other departmentsPNG2012-2014Monitoring report702010503010190
Develop and implement an action plan to promote knowledge of institutions, namely in youth, school and university environmentsDepartment of Relations with Institutions (Ministère des Relations avec les Institutions – MRI)2012-2017Availability of an MRI Action Plan; implementation report; number of meetings organized with youths1541881881881881881 094
Strengthen relations between Government and other institutions, namely with those institutions belonging to Territorial Municipalities and traditional organizationsNumber of meetings organized and business trips made2002002002002002001 200
Implement the recommendations made by organizational auditsCDIPOImplementation reportPMPMPMPMPMPM
Create an initial debrief of relations between institutionsCDI2012Debrief5050
Equip the Recettes perceptionsCDI, DNCTNumber of structures equippedPMPMPMPMPMPM
Develop and implement plans for deconcentrationCDI2012-2013Deconcentration plans are available805050505050330
Build and restore office spaces for the administrations of state representativesCDI2012-20151 4301 4301 4301 4301 4301 4308 580
Operationalize the regional, local and community consultation bodies (CROCSAD, CLOCSAD, CCOCSAD)CDI2012-2013909090909090540
Provide training and raise stakeholder awareness on applying procedural manualsCDI2012-2013828281818181488
Connect the Human Resources Directorates (DRH) and Human Resources Bureaus to the Human Resources management networkCDI2012-2013217217216650
Launch a pilot programme for the economic capitalization of CITsCDI2012-20135050100
Raise decision-makers’ awareness on the value of performance information and on the implementation procedure of Results Based Management (GAR)CDI, DNCT, all departments, CT201425252525100
Establish a governmental system to manage performance informationCDI2012-2013252525252525150
Develop and implement an administrative codeCDIPMPMPMPMPMPM
Conduct information campaigns to support reorganizion of the HR functionCDI2012-20132020202080
Produce procedural manuals on HR administration and personnel managementCDI2013-2014151530
Implement a priority programme for capacity improvementCDI2012-2013202020202020120
Implement a training/information programme on raising awareness on sustainable developmentCDI, ME, IPE2012-2014202020202020120
Institutionalize tools to promote green economy in policies, plans and programmesCDI2012-2013151025
Improve environmental governance an the national levelCDI2012202020202020120
Raise DRH and BRH awareness on the institutionalization of gender equality in public administrationCDI, DNFPP, CNDIFE2012-2014404040120
Support the Association of Municipalities of Mali (AMM) to improve the dissemination of good practicesAMMAction plan2012-201425252575
Provide the AMM with headquarters20141 1001 100
Objective #14: Foster regional cluster development and integrated participatory managementLand-use PlanningRevise the National Land Management Policy (PNAT)DNATPNAT2013200200
Develop and implement the national land management plan (SNAT)DNATSNAT2012-2014507003503503503502 150
Establish regional economic development clusters according to the SNAT and other tools used for spatial and sectoral planningDNATPNAT, SNAT2015-201715010050300
Continue to implement the 10-Year Development Plan for the Regions of Northern Mali (PDDRN)ADN, DNATPNAT2012-20175 0005 0005 0005 0005 0005 00030 000
Establish a geographic information system (GIS) for land management uses, and ensure continued monitoring and ongoing management of landDNATPNAT2012-201750500250505050950
Decentralization and deconcentrationStrengthen the institutional framework of decentralizationDNCTDCPND2012-2017323432343234198
Provide support for regional and local development processes4354754354754354752 730
Accelerate the transfer of competences and resources to territorial municipalities (CT)110130110130110130720
Pilot and follow the decentralization evaluation164100164100100164792
Implement a powerful communication system organized around decentralization597259727259393
Strengthen the capacities of decentralization stakeholders6867406867406867404 278
Strengthen the Decentralization and Deconcentration Support Unit (CADD)808080808080480
Strengthen the capacities of the Territorial Municipalities’ Training Centre (Centre de Formation des Collectivités Territoriales – CFCT) and ensure continued training of CT administrative and technical personnel by the CFCTPMPMPMPMPMPM
Integrate awareness about the environment and climate change into CFCT programmesDNCT, DNEF/IPE, AEDD, CFTC, HCCPNPE20121515
Conduct a SEA of the national regionalization programmeDNCT, DNEF/IPE, CDI, AEDD, CT/CSLP3030
Objective #15: Strengthen cooperation within subregional institutions and with Malian Expatriates (Maliens de l’Extérieur)Regional IntegrationAccelerate implementation of agreements governing freedom of movement, the right of residence and establishment in WAEMU and ECOWAS zonesDGIANational policy plan for African integration2012-2017505050505050300
Accelerate the implementation of WAEMU and ECOWAS trade liberalization plans505050505050300
Continue implementation of the MAEP National Action PlanCNG/MAEPMAEP2012-2017535353535353318
Continue awareness-raising work in vue of the adhesion of populations and integration of stakeholders to the ideal of African integrationPMPMPMPMPMPM
Continue transposition of WAEMU directives relating to procurement proceduresARMDSPublic procurement mission EDSP2012-201744444424
International CooperationStrengthen political relations and cooperation between Mali and her partnersDCN, DAP, DOI, DAG, CPS/CI, SHA1361521671771871971 016
Ensure the mobilization of green financing (Global Environment Facility, Carbon Fund…) to combine environment and climate change-related concerns to development policiesPMPMPMPMPMPM
Contribute to promotion of the private sector and to strengthening decentralized cooperationDCM, CPS2012-2017171922273237154
Strengthen the presence of Malian executives in international organizationsDOI, DCM, CPS2012-201790115125140160175805
Ensure the mobilization and coordination of the Official Development Aid (APD)DCM, SHA, CPS2012-20178598112122132142691
Malian Expatriates (Maliens de l’Exterieur)Create a mechanism to identify and support productive project promoters of members of the diaspora and organize an information session for Malian Expatriates (Maliens de l’Exterieur) on existing supporting measuresPMPMPMPMPMPM
Continue implementation of transboundary initiative programmes (PIT)DGIA MATCLPMPMPMPMPMPM
Develop and implement the action plan based on the recommendations made by the 1st diaspora investors’ forumPMPMPMPMPMPM
Develop and implement the action plan based on the recommendations made by the intellectual and scientific diaspora forumPMPMPMPMPMPM
Intensify awareness-raising initiatives aimed at the willing return of Malian expatriates and their involvement in the development process (namely through the TOKTEN)PMPMPMPMPMPM
Objective #16: Improve public finances management and efficiently fight corruption and financial crimePublic financesOptimize and sustain government revenues, namely by implementing the fiscal transition programmeMEFPAGAM/GFP 22012-2017Increase fiscal revenue share in the national budget23002300230023002300230013 800
Ensure that government budget preparation and execution conform with international standardsIncreased budgetary support18001800180018001800180010 800
Make stakeholders of financial governance accountable, and increase transparency and visibility in public finances managementImproved availability of information related to public finances management1300130013001300130013007 800
Strengthen decentralization and deconcentration through an adequate public finances management systemIncrease and improved predictability in CT resources1100110011001100110011006 600
Aid effectivenessDevelop a joint action plan for aid effectiveness (Government - PTF)SHA, PT/PTF, CT/CSLPSCAP2012Document validated and available5555
Establish a comprehensive management system containing statstics on Aid, using the GEPRIMA softwareDNPD, CAISSF, SHAPNAEA2012System operational8520105
Fight against corruptionAccelerate implementation of the action plan produced by the General Assembly on the Fight against corruption and financial crimePrematurePNALC2012-2015220170170170730
Internal and external oversightStrengthen the human and material capacities of control structures (CGSP, Ministerial Inspection functions, DNCF, CCS/SFD, SC-CS, PEF, BVG, and the Finance Committee at the National Assembly)Concerned structuresAction plan2012-20164042444040206
Implement the National internal control programmePMPMPMPMPMPM
Objective #17: Improve the development, follow-up and evaluation of public policiesStrengthen the national statistics systemContinue the National Statistics System reformINSTATSDS2012-201755351010110
Create a Training and Development Centre at the INSTAT35861141147126446
Offer preparatory courses for Malian students applying to Ecoles de Statistique Africaines (Africa Schools of Statistics)33333318
Award bursaries to students who passed the Ecoles de Statistique Africaines (Statistics Schools of Africa) entry exams108108108162162162810
Award development bursaries to the Ecole Nationale de Statistique et d’Economie Appliquée d’Abidjan (National School of Statistics and Applied Economics, Abidjan)477171684242341
Integrate environmental compatibility in statistician training programmeDNEF/IPE, INSTAT, DNPD, CT/CSLPPNPE20121010
Strengthen the coordination of monitoring and evaluationConduct investigations, studies and research according to the calendar established in the statistics master plan (EMOP, sectoral investigations).INSTAT, CPS, Observatories, CT/CSLPSDS2012-20171 5001 8003 0001 8001 7001 70011 500
Priority 3 totals(In millions of CFAF)18 50221 32621 87920 02719 96318 507120 204
PAP cost per priority, per year(In millions of CFAF)
2 0122 0132 0142 0152 0162 017Total%
Preliminary macro priority totals444444240%
Preliminary security priority totalsPMPMPMPMPMPMPM
Priority 1 totals1 207 0991 026 707953 180998 840895 523787 4505 868 80160%
Priority 2 totals423 116614 673726 682689 475637 120664 6363 755 70339%
Priority 3 totals18 50221 32621 87920 02719 96318 507120 2041%
Global totals1 648 7221 662 7111 701 7451 708 3471 552 6101 470 5979 744 731100%

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